Submitting Photos for the Competitions

1. Instead of saving as JPGs, it is recommended to save your photos as PNG-files, which is a save-option from most editing programs. In other words, when you save, activate the PNG format instead of the JPG format. In Photoshop, there will be usually a window displayed which gives you the option between "none" and "interlaced", of which you shold chose "none". The photo quality is the same between the two, but the files will be a bit less heavy with "none".

- In case you cannot figure out how to save the file as a PNG, there are free online format-converters available, such as this one: There you can upload JPG-files, and then download them as PNG-files. There is no loss in qualtiy. If you cannot manage to save them as a PNG-files at all, then send them as JPG-files, so that we can do the conversion.
It is nevertheless allowed to send photos in JPG, but there is a risk that the colours and compression  will be altered in Picasa.

2.The photo-titles have to be written the same way as we do it now, with: Category_Date_Species_4-digits-random-number.PNG 

BIRDS_2013_09_24_Pernis apivorus_3468.PNG

3. The photos have to be sent to the following two addresses by e-mail, which has to contain also the name of the photographer in greek and in, and

No written photo-list is needed any more.

That'it for your part of the uploading.

The photos will arrive in our permanent Picasa gallery ( in a dropbox album, where you can check whether they have arrived savely. By the end of the month the dropbox album will be turned into a permanent album, the photos ordered by filenames, the captions copy-pasted from the photo titles into the captions-field, and a voting number will be added. All PNG-photos will be stripped automatically of their EXIF-data in Picasa, which is why we need a copy of them in our regular e-mail.

Please note that from now on this will be the only way to upload the photos, and the old upload gallery won't be accessible any more. In case of problems with the PNG format or anything else, please contact us at

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